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"Asanas" are a kind of gesture and have certain effects. Thus "asanas" can affect the structure of the body, the mind, the nerves, organs and senses. Asanas can affect and change the body on an energetic level. According to the scriptures, there are as many "asanas" or body positions as there are living beings in this universe. When "asanas" are performed with mindfulness, they can become a form of meditation. This is especially true if you practice it long and quiet or do it in nature.

I love trees. Already as a child they attracted me magically. I feel a deep connection with them. That's why I embrace trees so often from the bottom of my heart. I do not need to talk to a tree - the tree hears my inner voice. My nature is connected to its nature. When you do an asana near trees, it can increase the effect of yoga. Each tree has its own energetic nature. When you encounter the tree with love, devotion, and heartfelt gratitude, you are connected by a mystic power. The tree can help you to get in touch with yourself.

„osadhivanaspatayo me lomasu srtah – lomani hrdaye – hrdayam mayi – ahamamrte – amrtam brahmani“

"Trees, guardians of my heart! My heart is growing in its inner self. My soul blooms in infinity - Infinity in Brahma. "

the tree (Vrikshasana)

Rooted deep in the ground, the tree grows high in the sky. Often hundreds of years old and yet it looks year by year even more stable and strong. A tree is flexible, agile, in short grown to all storms. But a tree also stands for change, renewal, blossoming and letting go. Maybe that's why I love this asana. It's my favorite asana.

The Yoga Tree supports your rooting and connection with the three worlds or levels of creation (Vedas): Bhur (Earth), Bhuvah (Airspace) and Svaha (Heaven). Related to the tree are the roots in the earth and the tree trunk with the branches and leaves that grows through the space to the sky.

Before you start the asana, the tree, take a deep breath and letting go for three times. Open yourself for your highest consciousness. If you want, recite a mantra or just stay empty. In nature, I prefer not to recite or sing a mantra. I want to be empty to make room for the divine in nature. Listen to yourself. Feel a tree. Connect with a tree. Become a tree. When I'm at home or in a closed space, I like to recite a mantra. In this case, I choose mantra, but then I also use it for all asanas.

Now to the asana:
Stand with your legs upright on the floor (Tadasana).
Shift the weight to the left leg. Root yourself with the ground.
When you're ready, raise your right foot at the level of your ankle. Place your heel there. If you are good, try putting your foot at knee or thigh. With the left leg, apply some back pressure so that your right leg does not slip. Personally, I place my heel in the opposite hip joint (in a half lotus position). In doing so, I help a little with my hand to position the foot well. If you place your heel at the level of the ankle, knee or thigh, then turn the right at the outside of the hip joint. Your pelvic floor is tense.

Now you bring your hands into the Anjali Mudra in front of your heart and push it over your head as far as possible in this position. Build some pressure between the palms and try to pull the shoulders down. Depending on whether I'm in nature or on the yoga mat, I change my hand posture. I often try other mudras. When I stand by a tree, under a tree and sometimes even in a tree, I let my hands lead from the tree. Also my eyes. Fix any point and smile at yourself.
The cervical spine is in extension of the thoracic spine. Shoulders are lowered.
As you inhale, imagine how you grow up. Exhaling you root yourself even more in the ground.
As long as you stand stable, stay in this position
Change the side and do the same with your left leg.

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