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BIJA MANTRAS are also called ROOT or SEED MANTRAS. BIJAS can be compared to seeds that contain all the potential of a plant or a living thing. These MANTRAS usually consist of only one syllable. It is said that BIJA MANTRAS are particularly powerful. The most original and sacred BIJA MANTRA is the syllable OM or AUM. And of that syllable, I can truly say that it is powerful and divine!!! It changes everything in me every day, makes me vibrate, and carries me into another sphere!

In principle, a BIJA MANTRA is a magical sound, a sacred vocal.

The best-known BIJA MANTRA is OM. OM is ultimately the essence and thus the seed of every MANTRA. OM is everything and is contained in everything.

Every deity in Hinduism has its own sound  (Akhshara) and thus its own BIJA MANTRA. It is said that a BIJA possesses the power and complete teaching of a deity that represents it. This little syllable contains the essence of a long text, a thousand stanzas or verses!

The longer MANTRAS ultimately come from the respective BIJA MANTRAS.

By the way, every CHAKRA in your body has its own BIJA MANTRA. They are named LAM, VAM, RAM, YAM, HAM, OM and MMM. Part of my morning SADHANA is that I recite one of these BIJA several times. (I dedicate a specific CHAKRA every day of the week, beginning with MULADHARA CHAKRA on Mondays and SAHASRARA CHAKRA on Sundays)

Also the known five elements of our world, have BIJA-MANTRAS: ether, air, fire, water and earth, are HAUM, YAM, RAM, VAM and LAM.

You will notice immediately: BIJA MANTRAS all end with an "M". Actually, there is a dot on the "M" above. (I use the simple transcription, so the point is missing) The "M" with the dot is called in Sanskrit "Anusvara". It is a vibrating final sound and makes your inner world swing. The initial letters form a sound sequence. The "M" (Anusvara) releases the active forces with his vibration. Osho always said that we are all born as potential. In us, incredible energies rest. Through awareness and receptivity, we can awaken these energies and connect with the higher. Call it God, divinity, existence. By making a BIJA MANTRA vibrate in you full of love, you can become one with the energy of each aspect of the Divine. Try it, experience it!

And now to the most important BIJA MANTRAS

Close your mouth and hum inwardly the "A". You feel the "A" in your head.


In the spiritual world it is said that the one who sinks fully into the vibration of OM will thereby return to the origin and source of all being. Also to your natural being, the letting go of all things that do not belong to your divine nature. Nisarga! As you may have already read, the "OM" means a lot to me, it not only accompanies me all day, it is also my Japa mantra. Somehow I have the feeling that this mantra has chosen me and not me the MANTRA. Is it just coincidence that my sannyas name is Nisarga? Everything has a purpose in life and at some point I understand it.

I have devoted a whole page to the original form of all seed syllables. If you want to learn more, click on the photo

If you sing the "U" inside, then you feel it in your heart.


is Brahman, the Absolute, the Divine. These are the three sounds which, together with the Anusvara become OM (Anusvara is the sound that makes everything vibrate, releasing the effect). AUM is the source of all mantras, the original sound. AUM is a sound that resounds out of itself and permeates the whole. In deepest meditation you will hear it. But you have to be very quiet. No thought, nothing. Just emptiness.

AUM and the Anusvara symbolize:

A: Brahman, the Creator, the awake consciousness (That is, if you remain conscious while awake).

If you hum inside the "M", then you will feel the echo in the navel. Repeat the AUM and enfold yourself in it.

U: Vishnu, the sustainer, the dream consciousness, so even if you can be aware in your dreams, and I know: I'm not the dream.

M: Shiva, the destroyer, the Deep Sleep Awareness, so even if you stay conscious during sleep.

Anusvara: It is the state of consciousness of silence. You become pure consciousness. You dissolve yourself in the whole. With the "whole" I understand the divine, God, existence, ...

OM and AIM are pranic energy.


Here you can see the “sacred vocals” (BIJA  AKSHARA) for the most important Hindu deities:

AIM  (AYEIM) is the BIJA MANTRA of Sarasvati.

Sarasvati is a feminine aspect of the divine. Her energy is translated into creativity, music, language and knowledge.

AIM is the sound energy of Shakti (the elemental force of the universe)

DUM (DOOM) is the BIJA MANTRA of Durga.

It's a powerful BIJA because Durga has incredible energy. She is considered the mother of the universe. You can use "DUM" to awaken your own female protective powers.

GAM (GUM) means to move, let go, bring about, and is the BIJA MANTRA of Ganesha.

The elephant-headed deity is one of the male aspects of the divine. He symbolizes inner wisdom, own knowledge, intuition and goodness. He encourages me to remove obstacles that stand in my way on my own. Through this trust in myself, I get the strength to go my own way. That's the only way to do it, the way it should be and makes me truly happy. I dedicated a separate page to Ganesha. If you want to know more, click on the photo.

GLAUM is another BIJA MANTRA from Ganesha.

It also activates my willpower for letting go of old behavioral patterns, thus creating a new beginning. It activates my willpower to lead a life in meditation and to act out of it, too. And it activates my willpower to be myself. More on the page of Ganesha. Click the photo!

HUM (HOOM) is a very powerful BIJA. It is dedicated to the male deity Shiva with his feminine energy Shakti.

The vowel "U" is a sound of depth and refers to the descending energy in me. When I sing the "U", it vibrates in my lower body. With a deeply sung "HUUUUM" I connect with the earth. It gives me stability. Shiva is the destroyer. This may sound a bit negative, but this energy only destroys what is not mine and creates space.

This mantra is also used for offerings in the sacred fire. Fire burns everything. So I see offerings as something that I associate with my ego. Only when I part with it can I connect with the Divine. Letting go and bringing it into the fire make me whole, holy.

HUM is the power of fire.

HAUM (HRAOUM) is a BIJA that is also dedicated to Shiva's energy.

It dispels the darkness in me. Darkness is only where the light is absent. However, light is my core, but unfortunately I often fog my little, internal lamp with thoughts of the past and future. Do you feel the same? With the help of meditation and also JAPA and Kirtan I can dissolve this fog. Try it with HAUM!

Is not the original AUM in this BIJA ???

HRIM (HREEM) is a BIJA associated with Bhuavaneshvari.

She is the mother of all female deities, all feminine aspects and energies. Everything that is or happens is divine. Everything is experience and ultimately emerged from the whole. Good and seemingly bad things. HRIM destroys all illusions of good and evil. It makes room for the real. According to the Vedas, it is the mantra of the sun. HRIM opens your inner consciousness sun. It is a BIJA mantra of "heaven" and consciousness space in which all worlds exist. HRIM is the solar energy of Shakti (the elemental force of the universe)

KLIM (KLEEM) is a BIJA dedicated to the 8th incarnation of Vishnu, Krishna.

Krisna is a symbol of wishfulness, satisfaction, attraction, joy, sexual and also transcendent desire. Personally, I cannot do so much with this BIJA because I have freed from the general "wishes".

KLIM is the magnetic energy of Shakti (the elemental force of the universe)

KRIM (KREEM) is the BIJA dedicated to Kali, the wild aspect of the goddess Parvati.

Kali stands for Dissolution, Liberation of Limits, Purification and Transformation. Kali is the power of time. Time dissolves everything. Everything is coming and going. Everything changes constantly. That's exactly what I feel and learn every day. This mantra grants all spiritual ability and power.

KRIM is the electric energy of Shakti (the elemental force of the universe)

KSHRAUM is the BIJA of Vishnu.

According to Hinduism, Vishnu has already come down to earth nine times to bring order back into chaos. As it were, the energy of Vishnu puts everything right again and gives harmony. The KSHRAUM BIJA symbolizes a harmonious way of life.

By the way, every incarnation (Avatar) of Vishnus has its own BIJA.

Matsya  Deva, MAM / Kurma Deva, KUM / Varaha Deva, VAM / Narasimha, KSHRAUM / Vamana Deva, VAM /

Parashurama, PAM / Rama, RAM / Krishna, KLIM / Buddha, BUM / Kalki, KAM

SHRIM is the BIJA of the goddess Lakshmi.

It presents beauty, abundance, wealth and well-being in any form. Become Lakshmi through SHRIM and feel inner contentment!

SHRIM is the lunar energy of Shakti (the elemental force of the universe)

Soon I would like to invite you to go deeper into the world of BIJA mantras. I will write about BIJA

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