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let the quality of awareness enter into your being

my Guru, the nature

When we encounter nature and the moment with awareness,

the eyes of the heart may open and allow us an inner view of a world beyond human vision.

Nature is a place where we have the opportunity to meet the divinity. In nature, I encounter divinity day by day. Since I can think I am at home in nature. I feel comfortable there, surrounded by everything that really matters. Nature is my guru, my teacher for life and therefore my spiritual teacher. Nature takes me back to my roots. When I meet the nature with open hearts, ears, eyes, nose, hands and feet, she teaches me everything. But I have to be open and that's what I call spirituality. In nature, I always pay attention to everything. For example, I do not like walking and talking more than being truly on the way. I am the "turtle" and not the "rabbit". I need almost twice as much time for my journey as others. I love watching the insects, smell the flowers, touch the trees, and let the wind blow through my hair. Just be, watch, be one. And when I leave nature again I am always enriched by a new experience. I grew up in nature. My family lived at the edge of the forest. No wonder the forest was my home. And still I love trees above all and feel deeply connected to them. Forest! Breathe! For a long time my way to school led across meadows and fields. My playground! Later it became construction areas, unfortunately. Grandma also had a garden. She grew her fruits and vegetables in a natural way. There was no weed killer. She knew exactly how to combine plants, to help each other. Flowers and vegetables shook hands. I still do that today. And I always think of the bees and insects. I let the herbs and salads bloom. I do not harvest the whole plant, but only dabs the leaves. I am also very grateful to my parents that we have always spent our holidays in nature. We drove either to the almost untouched beaches in Denmark or in the mountains. The sea, dunes, forests, canyons, mountains, wild rivers, mountain meadows ... they inspired me and gave me freedom. I have kept that to this day. No matter where I am in this world, I connect with nature. In the jungle, in the rice field, on the beach, in the mountains, in the woods, "lunar landscapes" but also in gardens or a park: Everywhere I meet my guru, nature. Nature can be lovely, but also rough and impetuous. Spring, summer, autumn and winter, everything has its place in nature. Everything has a purpose. Also storms, floods and drought periods. Even though sometimes we do not understand that.

On this page I want to share my experiences, observations or just the nature with you.

I wanted to start with a quote of my beloved Guruji Osho:

“The bee has a few beautiful qualities. First: it moves from one flower to another, it is continuously moving. It never settles anywhere, it never becomes stagnant. It loves the flower but never grows any attachment; it remains free. That is the way of the sannyasin — remaining utterly free of all attachment. The moment you become attached to something you become closed to everything else. The bee is never possessive. It never fights with other bees: "Why have you come to my flower?" On the contrary, the moment the bee finds beautiful flowers, full of juice, it goes back to inform the commune. The moment a bee discovers some flowers, rather than hiding the fact from others — which is how the human mind functions… if you discover a treasure you will hide it. Instead of hiding it, instead of keeping them for itself, the bee runs back to the home, to the commune. It is non-possessive, and it knows all kinds of flowers, all colors, all perfumes; hence it becomes richer and richer in its experience. And the last but not the least quality of a bee is: it takes the juice of a flower but it never destroys it. It is so artful that it never hurts the flower at all. It is never violent with the flower. It is not like human beings. The moment you love a flower you immediately pluck it; your love is destructive. It is not love, it is violence; it is hatred hidden somewhere in the name of love. Be a blissful bee, unattached, always moving, non-possessive, living all aspects of life, all the colors of the rainbow, all the notes of music. And never be destructive — be creative. The creative person is a divine person, a holy person.” ~ OSHO

The way of life of the bees I often have in mind. I try to do my best every day. As I said at the beginning, I never harvest the whole plant. I do not destroy it. If necessary, I apologize. I only take what I need. It gives me great pleasure if I can share something. Also in terms of knowledge. Of course you have to learn alone, but I like to give the impetus. That is also the reason and concern of this website.

I like watching bees. I just sit down with them in nature. Trust is important if I want to photograph it. By no means do I want to disturb these diligent creatures. This is how these pictures were made:

“This planet has to be loved, this planet has to be rejoiced in. It is a gift.”~Osho

There was an insect on a ginger flower.
That's not very special, but there was more,
a connection ...

deep inside I felt the connection to this present mOMent.
I was one with the flower,
I was one with the insect, and the insect.
flowing to my center ...

and inside of me there was so much energy,
so much love,
that I opened myself to the cosmos

in deep prayer, Nisarga

“This planet has to be loved, this planet has to be rejoiced in. It is a gift.”~Osho

If I look up, there are no more limits.

By nature I am not given any limits,

they only exist because I set them for myself,

I am limitless, Nisarga

“This planet has to be loved, this planet has to be rejoiced in. It is a gift.”~Osho

I am currently in the process of creating this website. Please excuse that this page does not have that many posts yet. I work on it.

With love and gratitude, Nisarga

HARI OM and Namaste!

I am pleased that you have visited my website.

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With love, Ma Prarthana Nisarga

(Hari OM means: May our hearts be interconnected and aware that we are part of a cosmic whole. May we contribute something together to the Cosmic Whole!)