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let the quality of awareness enter into your being

ॐ गं गणपतये नमः


Be aware, that Ganesha is in everybody of us, in every atom of the universe!


OM SWASTIASTU!  NAMASTE!  NAMASKARAM! I greet the Divine in you!

 Welcome to my Lotus World. The lotus flower represents transformation. It describes the path we take when we choose spiritual life. It grows out of the mud and opens to a wonderful, divine blossom. The lotus flower symbolizes the way out of the darkness into the light; the path from ignorance to enlightenment. I myself am on this path. I am a sadhaka whose everyday life is shaped by spirituality, through using of sadhana, spiritual tools.
It started at my teenage age. I was searching. I was looking for religiosity in Christianity and later in Hinduism. Certainly I found religiosity every day in nature, which has held me in it hands since childhood. I studied the cultures of Asia, Hinduism, Agama Hindu Bali and of course Buddhism too. On Bali, the hOMe of my soul, I met the lotus flower for the first time. There, this beautiful flower is not only growing out of the mud towards the light, but I saw it everywhere. The Balinese live in a lotus world and I started to live in theirs. Many years ago I met my Guruji Osho and I became a sannyasin. Since then I not only live in the Lotus World, I feel it deep inside of me, I discover it every day in a new way. And with all my heart I would like to share it with you!

Nisarga's Lotus World is a lively website that is constantly evolving. A lotus bud about to open into a thousand-petalled blossom. Towards the light. Check back often, you will always discover something new. And sometimes you will find that a post has changed because nothing in life is consistent. I keep seeing things from different perspectives, so it's only natural that my way of celebrating changes too.  During the Covid pandemic, I felt drawn back to my roots. I felt deeply reconnected with the gods of Hinuism, with Ganesha, with Shiva... Every day I feel like I'm becoming more and more one with these aspects of the Divine. I changed my concept for this website and I would also like to share this new phase of my life with you. Enjoy it!

Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram! With love and gratitude,

Ma Prarthana Nisarga

at sandhya on the beach
connected to the infinite cosmos.
connected to the divine,
the truth, the pure being.
connected to Shiva,
the consciousness
that everything is ephemeral
that everything is always in motion
just as Shiva Nataraja keeps the cosmos moving,
birth, life, death, rebirth,
creation, preservation, transformation.
in the face of the beauty of being,
the nature,
the evening sky.
The Divine is Satya,
the divine is Shiva,
kindness and love,
the divine is Sundara,
You are the divine,
I am too
WE ae surrounded by the divine.
Satyam Shivam Sundaram
Anantabrahma Sachchidanandam

Touched by the beauty of the evening
Touched by the orange-yellow horizon with the dark silhouette of the mountains.
Touched by the beauty of the endless blue sky,
touched by the light of the waxing moon reflected in the water.
I experienced the divine
the eternal, without end,
the highest, the absolute,
for a mOMent.
My nature is infinite,
Your nature is infinite,
OUR nature is Brahman,
OUR nature is Satchitananda,
being, knowledge and bliss,
Satyam Shivam Sundaram
Anantabrahma Sachchidanandam

I love mantras, those wonderful syllables full of the energy of the divine. Reciting mantra or chanting made me happy, peaceful and whole. I used to hear mantras chanted by Tibetans and Hindus, monks, sadhus, priests... and then Deva Premal and Miten came into my life. They encouraged me to chant mantras myself twenty three years ago. Yes, I could!! although I always felt my voice wasn't up to it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Deva and Miten. And your beloved Gayatri began to shine in me... through you...

ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः ।तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं ।भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि ।धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात्
oṃ bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥá  savitúr váreṇiyaṃ bhárgo devásya dhīmahi dhíyo yó naḥ pracodáyath

Direct our mind to the divine light so that we can experience it within,
so that we have divine light within.
When our minds are clear, our bodies are healthy and peaceful.
We feel the divine consciousness in and around the world,
we experience it in and around us,
through you we can live the divine.
But we can only live the divine life when it is our spiritual experience,
when we feel, smell, hear, see, taste it
and the whole world becomes beautiful and meaningful.
When we live the divine, this mantra, the Gayatri is the root.

On my website you will find information about spiritual exercises (sadhanas) in everyday life, but also very traditional ones. I share with you about experiences with mantras and mudras. I lead you into the world of my beloved deity Ganesha and his father Shiva. There is also a page with Balinese festivals and rites, and also a page with ceremonies and more.
Enjoy it!

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Here are brief descriptions of my "pages" and links to the various topics.

What is "SADHANA"?

For me, it's all actions that I consciously take. Actions that I do in harmony with nature. For me, a sadhana is a tool that leads me back to my true being. The universe gives us an infinite number of sadhanas. In principle everything can become a sadhana, even everyday things! When I do something in full harmony, love and awareness, it has a healing effect on me and creates peace in me. If you want to find out more about it, click on the photo or button below

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SADHANA in traditional sense

Sadhana is a spiritual practice, a spiritual exercise. If you want to experience the divine within you, a sadhana can be of great help to you. Although anything can become a sadhana, there are sadhanas that have been traditionally practiced since the origin of yoga. The most important traditional sadhanas for me are: Meditation, asana, singing, reciting or writing mantra, pranayama, puja, singing bowl meditation ... If you want to find out more about it, click on the photo or button below

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SADHANA in everyday life

A spiritual life does not have to take place in the solitude of the mountains. I don't necessarily have to live in an ashram. Spirituality has a lot more value when I can meditate in the middle of a crowded marketplace. When I see everything as Divine, even the simplest things, every act. Over the years I have developed spiritual practices (sadhanas) that I can easily integrate into my everyday life. On this page I give you some examples for inspiration. click on the photo or button below

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MANTRAS mean a lot to me. These sacred syllables have been with me for a long time. And although they seem to come from times long past, I have the feeling: MANTRAS are always up to date. They are timeless, they are syllables of the NOW! Mantras are sounds that have vibrated through the universe since ancient times and were received and transmitted by self-realized, wise people (rishis) in deepest meditation. I am infinitely grateful that I came into contact with these sounds of Divine Existence. For me, mantras are a resonance body of a spiritual force. And I would like to share this power with you: Come with me into the world of mantras! click on the photo or button below

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“Experience life in all possible ways -- good-bad, bitter-sweet, dark-light,summer-winter. Experience all the dualities. Don't be afraid of experience, because the more experience you have, the more mature you become.”  ~OSHO

Osho was not just a beloved guru. He is also said to have been the most dangerous guru since Jesus Christ! He said the things that no one else has the courage to do. Even if he is very controversial, you can find his work all over the world today! Osho left a unique gift to mankind. His words, collected in books and video recordings, are so full of light and peace. His words are so inspiring. That's why I want to share my favorite quotes with you on this page! Come with me into the world of Osho! click on the photo or button below

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Ganesha is the formless energy from which everything manifests and into which everything will dissolve. Ganesh is the embodiment of spirituality, prosperity, wisdom and consciousness. Ganesha stands for the new beginning. This could be a business deal, a new job, a new relationship, a journey, a new building or apartment, etc. .Ganesha always reminds me, that I need not be afraid of obstacles. Remove them and grow through experience! I only need courage and inner strength. Above all, obstacles only arise when I have expectations. If I look from a different perspective, they may disappear by themselves! In mid-2020 I started writing about Ganesha every Monday in the Global Gayatri Sangha. Sometimes it was an anecdote about him or the meaning of his body. Sometimes it was one of the many mantras or just a personal experience. A poem. It is arguably the most unusual Ganesha site on the internet! Just let yourself be surprised! Come with me into the world of Ganesha! click on the photo or button below

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My Guru, the NATURE

Nature is a place where one has the opportunity to encounter divinity. And I really encounter the divine there every day. Since I can remember I've been at home in nature. I feel whole there (I feel sacred to myself) surrounded by everything that really matters. Nature is my guru, my life teacher and thus my spiritual teacher. Nature leads me back to my roots. When I encounter nature with open hearts, ears, eyes, nose, hands and feet, it teaches me everything. Conscious encounter, receptive when I engage with it with awareness that is exactly what I call spirituality. I would like to share the experience with you. Click on the photo or button b MAelow

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It's been 23 years since Deva Premal came into my life ... as a sound, the sound of cosmic light. I heard her voice, no, it was more the scent of her soul that came to me in a sound. It was love at first "note". I heard her sing the Gayatri and felt a deep connection. Connectedness with Deva Premal and of course Miten, especially because they chanted the mantras in a form that I could chant myself. Yes, suddenly I discovered in myself that there was a musical voice after all. Before, mantras were something very traditional for me, but with them came so much ease into this old tradition. And the Gayatri in particular meant so much to me because it embodies the living cosmos of my former (soul) hOMe Bali. Since then the Gayatri has been with me all day. I recite it traditionally, sing it, write it and feel it. I sing it in so different ways, alive like life. It lives in me, awakened by Deva Premal and Miten. I am so grateful to them for that and this is what I want to share you on this page. Click on the photo or button below

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Bali, the island of gods and demons ... home of my soul. Not only have I lived there for almost 26 years, I have grown into this unique culture. There is always something to celebrate in Bali. There is a prayer for everything, including everyday things. Nothing works without offerings, without the awareness that everything is animated by the divine and also the demonic. Bali has shaped me. The culture lives deep in my heart and I want to share it with you on this page. Click the button below or on the photo.

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Every moment in life is a reason to celebrate, especially if you live in the here and now. Nature offers so many moments in which you can experience the divine. Even traditional festivals have their origins in nature. Later, people developed a cult around it. On this page I will introduce you to traditional festivals and fasting days from Hinduism and Buddhism, but also how you can celebrate them for yourself in a very unconventional way. Click the button below or on the photo.

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Do you feel like learning more about me? My website is written very personally. In principle, you get to know me everywhere. But with "About" I tell you about my childhood and how I came to live in Asia and Spain. You will get to know stories of the hOMe of my soul, you will be able to see many photos. And I also explain to you my spiritual journey and what is the meaning of my name. And last but not least, you will learn why I even created this website. Curious? Then click the button or photo

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September 28, 2019 was a special day that Hindus call "Mahalaya Amavasya Shani". It was the day I put my new (this) website on the Internet. It is a spiritual website that I want to use to inspire other people. I am in the middle of everyday life. Osho called this a "market place" and yet I lead a spiritual life. That is my simple way: I just make something sacred out of worldly things. On this website, I tell about my experiences, spiritual practices, yoga, mantras, my guruji osho, my guru, nature - but I also guide the visitor to the mysterious world of Asia with photos. I speak openly about my feelings or experiences and I am also open to anyone who has questions. This website is very important to me. Rather, the page is like a river, just as life is. Every week I will post anything that matters to me.

Mahalaya Amavasya Shani is known as the new moon day.

A few years ago I asked a well-read friend why this day is called "New Moon Day", even though the sky is black. There is no moon at all. And do you know what he had answered me? "Let's call the day just moonless-silence or Lunar Stillness!"
And since then the day for me means "moonless-silence"! Mahalaya Amavasya, the Day of Lunar Stillness, is the day on which I express my gratitude to all previous generations of people who have contributed to my life. That's how I learned and adopted it from the Hindus, because I feel that it's very beautiful. So many generations have lived before me and I owe all of them how I live today. Let's not always look at the bad. Everyone makes mistakes, even our generation. But we can learn from the mistakes. Let's start very small with ourselves and in our environment. I am grateful for everything that others have created for me. There are languages ​​with which I can communicate, houses offer me protection. How many people have tested my food, whether you can eat it at all? These are just a few examples. Nothing is self-evident in my opinion. Everything is a gift and for that I am grateful. Not just today, actually every day. There are only a few exceptions. But of course they exist. I'm not enlightened!!! The Hindus have special rites that they practice today and in the days before. These include donating food to poor people, fasting, spiritual practices, and reciting mantras. It was originally also a day off. I am not for imitation. For me, it's important that something happens out of my heart and that's how I express my gratitude. Just be thankful, in your own way.

For me, the "moonless silence" is a good day to make new spiritual resolutions. It's a day to empty myself, so I have room for the Divine. It's a day to start something new. And that's why I chose the day for my announcement of the website!
I invite you. Experience my Lotus World! Be welcome!

The day of the "moonless-silence" is always on other days of the week. This time it's a Saturday, that's why it's called "Mahalaya Amavasya Shani". Shani is Saturn and this is a planet that is also associated with darkness in astrology. Many people fear and anxiety. After two years of own darkness, I know that just this darkness has allowed me to grow spiritually. I am very thankful and appreciate this period of life. Shani is a guru who has put my way of life to the test. Now I am ready for the light.
In this sense, enjoy my website!

With love, Ma Prarthana Nisarga


My website has no claim to be scientific. It should only serve as inspiration.

OM and Namaste!

I am pleased that you have visited my website.

I am happy to answer any questions or give you information.

I am open to spiritual exchange. Please use the following contact form.

From heart to heart, Nisarga





Be aware, that Ganesha is in everybody of us, in every atom of the universe!